Global™ TvLink Plus (No PSU)

Global™ TvLink Plus (No PSU)

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Global TvLink Plus

The global tvLINKplus system allows the viewing of high quality digital satellite, terrestrial and video pictures at a second location, with the added benefit of full control

  • Contents
    • Global TvLink Plus Unit
    • 2x IR Emitters
    • Instruction Manual
    • 60cm Male to Female Coax Lead

USES of a Global TvLink Plus

  • The tvLINKplus is designed to control any set top box, VCR etc from a remote location
  • It allows the RF output from a number of set top boxes to be viewed and controlled from a 2nd location
  • Fairly straight forward to set up and easy to use once set up
  • It allows Sky and free to air set top boxes, VCRs etc (once looped into a single RF lead) to be individually controlled from a remote location
  • A single 9V power source in the loop (e.g. from a Sky box's RF2 or a Triax Trilink) will suffice, you don't even need to use a power unit for the TvLINK - it can free load off the existing 9V signal
  • It can be used with a TV Distribution amplifier (with return path) to feed the output to a number of different TVs, each of which will allow control of the units via a single sky eye


  • It requires that every set top box has an RF outlet
  • It is limited to a maximum of 2 units which can be directly control by the IR sensor (but more units can be controlled, if for example they are Sky boxes with RF2 outlets)

Large Installation Diagram:Click Here