Antiference ME200 Remote Magic Eye (black)

Antiference ME200 Remote Magic Eye (black)

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The ME200 Remote Magic Eye is a small device allowing you to watch and change the channel of your Sky digibox (or RF modulator for other satellite receivers like Freesat), in a different room, without the need for another Sky digibox and satellite installation.

All you need to do is plug into your chosen television via the RF (aerial) port, position the small black infrared in a position where the remote will pick it up, then lead a cable from the RF2 Output on your Sky Digibox (or RF modulator) to the RF Input on the Remote Eye (this uses an RF connectors - aerial type, not f-plug). This will allow you to watch the same channel as the Sky Digibox/satellite receiver, but on a different television, avoiding the need for a second Sky Digibox/satellite receiver or further cabling/accessories from the satellite dish.

The main points of this Remote Eye are:

- Slim IR receiver
- Compliments LCD/Plasma Flat Screen Televisions
- Watch and change channels in extra rooms using SKY/satellite receiver remote handset
- Compatible with all IR pass amplifiers
- Inconspicuous design

Please note that this Remote Eye is significantly better than the cheaper GlobalEye's seen on the market, with less break up of picture/sound quality, and compatible with all new and old Sky digiboxes and external RF modulators (the GlobalEye's don't work with some Sky boxes!).

Antiference ME200 Remote Magic Eye Black Specifications and Features

Colour: Black
Frequency: 45-862MHz
Return Path Frequency: 5-30MHz
Insertion Loss: < 1dB
Control Commands: 6MHz
Carrier 38 KHz pulse
Power required: 9V DC15mA
Impedance: 75 ohms
Sensor Lead length: 900mm
Connectors: IEC60169-2(f) female coax socket
Connectors: IEC60169-2(m) male coax plug on 245mm fly lead