UHF Mini Log Aerial

UHF Mini Log Aerial

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Wideband UHF TV Aerial (Reva 1)

Wideband UHF TV Aerial Features

  • General purpose UHF TV aerial which covers entire UHF spectrum
  • Works well when mounted outdoors in good reception area
  • Ideal when UHF TV broadcasts cover more than 1 UHF group
  • Can be used for any group within the UHF band (Group A, B, C-D)
  • Can be used with a diplixer and VHF TV aerial to pick up UHF broadcasts

Technical Features

  • Fully Active (built-in amplifier- Reva 2 edition only) or Passive UHF wideband log periodic antenna.
  • TV Only.
  • 7dBi gain passive and up to 22dBi gain active.
  • Frequency spectrum is NOT affected when PSU is removed
  • Only 44cm in length
  • Built in Tetra & GSM filters
NOTE: The Reva 2 edition comes with a in-bulit UHF amplifier which is powered by the 5V sent from your HD combo receiver

Reva 1 TV Aerial Specification

  • Channel: 21-68
  • Band: UHF WIde Band ( Covers group A, B, C-D)
  • Frequency range 470-862 MHz
  • Impedence 75 Ohm
  • Gain Passive 7.5 dB(i)
  • Gain Active (up to) 22dB(i)
  • PSU (Active mode)5 - 24VDC (Reva 2 edition only)
  • Current 70mA
  • ConnectorF Type
  • Length 44cm


  • Excellant gain for a small discreet UHF TV Aerial
  • Will work with any UHF transmission (Saorview)
  • If you are unsure of which transmitter or Group you will be using this TV aerial will work equally well with any TV aerial group or transmitter
  • Very low cost compared to similar aerials in it's catergory
  • Ideal for apartment balconies or installs where a small aerial is required
  • Does not give the same gain as some larger aerials which have more elements
  • Does not give the same gain as a correctly selected Grouped TV aerial
  • May add to costs by requiring the addition of power units, amplifiers and distribution systems