Ferguson Ariva 53 Full HD Satellite Receiver

Ferguson Ariva 53 Full HD Satellite Receiver

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Ferguson 53 - FULL HD Free To Air Box

The Ferguson Ariva 53 is an excellent FTA Satellite Receiver. It is perfect for receiving the 'freesat' channel package from the UK on Astra 2 (28 degrees east), channels such as BBC, ITV, Ch4, Ch5, E4, True Movies, Movies 4 men + The HD Channels such as BBC HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD are now available at an amazingly low cost.

In addition, you get a fully functional 2XUSB ports with recording, timeshifting and support MP3, OGG, FLAC, MPEG, MKV, AVI, XVID, JPEG, BMP. A characteristic feature is the power efficiency and consumption in standby exceeding 1W plus USB Wifi compatibility (sold seperately).

It has a HDMI port & a scart connection to connect to HDTV's as well as standard TVs.

Ariva 53 is a modern receiver designed to receivefree TV channels (including HD ones),with many features available only on more expensivereceivers. Ariva 53 is equipped with -among others - the four digit LED display, HDMIoutput and an USB 2.0 input. Through the USBit is possible to record/timeshift the TV broadcastand play music (mp3, ogg, flac), films (mkv,avi, xvid) and view images (jpeg, bmp). The receiveris built on an advanced microprocessorAli 3510C, providing increased performance. Ineveryday use, this means, for example, to quicklychange channels, support for digital audio orlow power consumption - in standby mode lessthan 0,5W!
Main features:
• Satellite TV
• Reception ofHigh Definitionchannels (HD)
• PAL upscaling to720p or 1080p
• Support for teletextand subtitles
• Support for DiSEqC1.0, 1.1, Unicable andDiSEqC 1.2, USALS• Support for MPEG-2,MPEG-4, MPEG-4AVC/H.264
• Compatible withDVB-S, DVB-S2
• Web services
2. HDMI 1.3
3. 2 x USB 2.0
4. Digital audio S/PDIF
6. Power
EAN Code:Code: 5907115002651
Ariva 53 is supplied with anextremely convenient andintuitive remote controllerRCU-540. The remote sits perfectlyin the hand allowingyou to conveniently operateall the functions of the receiver.
Note: it is possible tooperate the receiver usingany Android and iOS baseddevice through the free application:Ariva STBRemote.
TM The receiver supports USB Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/nadapters based on Ralink Rt5370 processor,offered as a separate accessory.