Four Way Satellite Combiner (Quad Indoor)

Four Way Satellite Combiner (Quad Indoor)

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TV Aerial & Satellite Combiner Specification

  • SAT/UHF/VHF Combiner
  • Inputs: 5
  • Output: 4
  • Connection Type: F-type
  • TV Aerial Input Range: 0-860MHz
  • Satellite Input Range: 950-2250MHz
  • Output Range: 5-2250MHz
  • Power Pass: On Satellite Leg
  • Reversible: Yes
  • CE Approved: Yes

Aerial & Satellite Combiner Features

  • This product can combine a UHF signal along with a signal from a satellite dish with a Quad lnb fitted
  • It allows you to install a satellite dish and an aerial using a single coaxial cable to 4 separate rooms or locations

It is always used as part of a set i.e. a combiner and a splitter see below:

  • Combiner and a Wall Plate or
  • Combiner x2 (one used in reverse as splitter)This a good quality CE Approved combiner it works well

  • It provides a very simple and cheap solution to the issue of wanting a satellite and an aerial feed but only have 1 cable running to each room
  • Combines the signal from a quad lnb (4 outputs) & TV Aerial down 4 cables to 4 separate rooms or locations
  • It comes with the same specs and a lower price than the other satellite & aerial combiner we on the market
  • It is easy to install
  • It's a neat and compact unit


  • Our Professional combiner has been stocked for a longer timer and has marginally lower levels of loss
  • For Indoor use only