Global F180 8-way Distribution Amplifier (tvLINK)

Global F180 8-way Distribution Amplifier (tvLINK)

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Global F180 8-way Distribution AmplifierThe F180 professional distribution amplifier (DA) is part of the range of distribution amplifiers designed for both the trade and installer markets.

They are produced with excellent performance on both UHF and FM signals which provides high quality sound and vision throughout the system.

Completely compatible with remote eyes, these DA's are built with the latest technology that amplifies the signal from your Sky digibox (or other receiver with RF modulator) allowing the same channel to be watched on up to 8 additional televisions at the same time.

These DA's are mains powered either directly or via a coax cable using a DC Inserter.

Global F180 Distribution Amplifier Features:

- 1 f-plug input, 8 f-plug outputs
- Fully compatible with the Sky Digital remote eye system (or other receiver with RF modulator)
- Mains Powered only, either directly or via coax cable using DC Inserter
- High Performance
- Compact Design