INVERTO 80cm Soild Satellite Dish (BOXED)

INVERTO 80cm Soild Satellite Dish (BOXED)

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High quality Inverto steel dish designed to last for many years while also offering high performance.

Inverto dishes undergo an extremely thorough anti-corrosive process and polyester coating to prevent long-term corrosion.

They are manufactured with advanced high precision tools to ensure durability and optimal reception-performance.

Individually boxed

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Offset
  • Offset Angle: 26 °
  • Reception Frequency: 10.70 - 12.75 Ghz
  • Antenna Gain (Ku-Band): 37dBi - 38dBi
  • Material: Zinc Phosphate Steel
  • Finish Coat: Polyester Powder Coat
  • Small Axis Diameter: 70cm
  • Long Axis Diameter: 78cm
  • LNB Holder diameter: 40ø mm
  • LNB Arm: Aluminum
  • Operation Wind: 90 km/H
  • Survival Wind: 150 km/H

  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Finish Coat: Polyester Powder Coat
  • Azimuth Alignment: 0° - 360°
  • Elevation Alignment: 0° - 90°

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