York Vinyl Dumbbell 12kg Set (2x1kg  2x2kg  2x3kg)

York Vinyl Dumbbell 12kg Set (2x1kg 2x2kg 2x3kg)

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York Vinyl Dumbbell 12kg Set (2x1kg 2x2kg 2x3kg)The York Fitness Vinyl Dipped Dumbbell (Fitbell) 12 KG Set with Stand are ideal for hand wrist and arm exercises.The vinyl dipped dumbbells (fitbells) are durable and easy to clean and are supplied with a storage stand for easy and safe access. The anti roll head design ensures dumbbells remain where you place them The set includes three pairs with a total weight of 12 KG.Fitbells are a popular part of many workout routines because they provide an easy way to add muscle-toning resistance and are ideal for toning the upper body or light rehab work. They are effective at reducing body fat increasing lean muscle mass and burning calories.Fitbells can easily be added into your other workout activities to increase the intensity. For example using them while completing step ups squats lunges step aerobics pilates or walking. Here are a small example of the exercises you can perform with these colourful fitbells.