Sat-Link WS-6908 Satellite Meter

Sat-Link WS-6908 Satellite Meter

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Satlink WS6908 Satellite Finder

  • Satlink WS6908 Satellite Finder & Signal Strength Meter
  • Manufacturer: Satlink
  • Product consists of:
  • Satlink WS Satellite Finder
  • Waterproof pouch for the meter
  • Mains charger
  • Car charger
  • Carry strap
  • Foam padded presentation box
  • Instruction manual in English on CD (Or see below for the PDF format)
  1. Signal Input To connect it with external antenna
  2. LCD Screen To show menu and channel pictures.etc
  3. Signal Lock Indicator Light To lock signal when it lights
  4. Charging Indicator Light The light is on when it's charging;It's off when charging is complete.
  5. Power Indicator Light The light is on when meter is turned on
  6. 22K Switch Indicator Light 22K Switch is on when it lights
  7. 13/18V Indicator Light To show H/V switch output
  8. F1 F2 F3 F4 Function Buttons
  9. OK Arrow for Cursor Moving OK for Confirmation
  10. MENU To show main menu or return to previous menu
  11. EXIT To cancel selection or exit from current menu
  12. 0-9 Numerical Button To input numerical for setting parameters
  13. +/- Button To turn on or off sound indicator for signal strength
  14. B.Light LCD Screen Switch
  15. Mute Sound On/Off Switch
  16. TV/Radio Switch between TV Channel and Radio Channel
  17. SCAN Enter into Quick Seach
  18. INFO To show parameter of current channel
  19. USB Port Port for Upgrade or connecting to multimedia
  20. Power Connection port Port for connecting to external power supply
  21. Power Switch Power Switch for machine power
  22. AV Ouput AV Output
  23. AV Input AV Input
  • Designed to measure signals & aligning satellite dishes
  • For aligning a satellite dish to pick up satellite signalfrom the UK Astra 2 (BBC, ITV),
  • Hotbird (Italian, Polish),Astra 1 (German, French, Spanish) & all European & Middle-East Satellites
  • It comes with satellites pre-programmed
  • For aligning motorised diseqec satellite system
  • Would suitProfessional satellite installers
  • Keen satellite enthusiasts
  • Top of the range satellite meter with huge range of features
  • Extremely reliable robust meter
  • Menu driven, easy to use interface
  • Lovely applications - such as the 'Watch TV' option
  • Comes pre-programmed with every satellite (see satellites list tab)
  • Allows for extremely fast and accurate satellite dish alignment


  • More expensive than a cheap DIY Satellite Meterwhich might put it out of the price reach of the casual DIY installer
  • Does not align UHF TV aerials