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UHF Meter & Satellite Finder

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Fringe UHF and Satellite Meter

Fringe UHF and Satellite Meter Specification

  • Dual purpose Satellite and Terrestrial UHF meter
  • Manufacturer: Fringe
  • Products consists of:Meter for UHF and Satellite alignment
  • 9V battery (used when aligning UHF aerials)


  • UHF In
  • Satellite Dish
  • Satellite Receiver In

UHF and Satellite Meter Features

  • For aligning satellite dish to pick up a satellite signal
  • for the Astra 2 (BBC, ITV), Hotbird (Polish), Astra 1 (German, French)
  • For aligning UHF aerials topick upBroadcasts from terrestrial transmitters
  • for the Irish Saorview channels (RTE1, 2, TV3, TG4 etc)


Inexpensive and handy tool for aligning a satellite dish and UHF aerials
Reduces the need to have a second person when aligning the dish or aerial


Will not tell you which satellite or TV transmitter you are receiving signal from
Takes far more time to align than with a professional satellite meter