BBC4 Frequency Change

24-02-2024 Update

BBC3, BBC4 and some of the ITVs +1 and Talking Pictures have changed their transmission frequency.

How to update the channels on my Amiko or Edision or similar model receivers:


10818 V 23000 BBC4 HD *

10847 V 23000 BBC1 NI HD, BBC 3 HD *

10788 V 23000 BBC RB HD

10773 H 23000 BBC2 NI HD

10891 H 22000 ITV1+1, ITV2+1, ITV 3 +1, ITV4+1

11344 V 27500 Talking Pictures 

* Please note: BBC3 & BBC4 are listed as CBBC & CBeebies on some satellite boxes but automatically show BBC3 & BBC4 after 7pm. 

* Also includes CBBC HD & CBeebies HD

Using your remote control, press menu then arrow right and select "Installation" on the next page select "satellite installation".

Satellite should already show as "Astra 2".

Arrow down to TP Index then press Ok and select the frequency you wish to scan using the information above. Press the green button for "TP Scan". Set

"Scan Mode" to Free.

Arrow down to "Ok to Search" and prees


The newly scanned channels will appear at the end of the channel list and you can now edit them into any position you like by pressing "Menu", "Service" and


Method 2:

Using your satellite remote:

Select Menu, scroll to Installation, Satellite Installation, single scan (red button)

Here you will see a few options such as: Scan type, scroll across to the option FTA.

Then scroll down to Scan Type, select: Blind.

This will scan the full network searching for any new channels. After it has completed you can exit out to live TV.

It will add these new channels to the back of your list. If you wish to can move them using the Service, Service organising option in your menu.


Other Models: 

How to re-tune on the Ferguson Ariva combo receivers models: 

On the Ariva combo receivers you can add any new transponders by pressing

Menu, then move left or right using the arrows beside the OK button until you select "TP list" then press OK.

Press the green button to "Add" and enter the frequency, symbol rate, and polarity as per the details for the channel you want above. For example BBC4 has a frequency of 10818 with polarity V and symbol rate of 23000. You may see a message saying "TP already exists" in which case you can just select yes to go to the existing transponder.

Press the blue button to search. A new menu should appear, set FTA only to

"Yes" to avoid tuning in pay TV channels.

Leave network search at no. Press ok and you should see the channels appearing and then "Search End". Press ok and these channels should now appear at the end of you channel list or alphabetically if you have your channel list set that way.

You can then use the edit function by selecting Tv Channel list under "Edit Channel" in the menu to delete the original channel and replace it with the new channel you have just tuned in.