Freesat+HD (Recorder) & Saorview Package

Freesat+HD (Recorder) & Saorview Package

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Freesat HD Recorder & Saorview Package Including Installation

Brand new complete with 12 month manufacturers warranty

Demo of this product is available in store

Freesat HD Recorder PackageFeatures

  • This is a one off payment
  • There is no monthly or yearly charge
  • No viewing card is needed
  • No phone line is required
We will install the official Freesat HD-R recorder receiver. This suits customer who wish to avail of the Official Freesat recorder box with features such as series link and the 7 day programme guide.

Watch BBC1, BBC2, BBC 4 HD, ITV1 HD & CH4 HD as well as over 200 standard digital channels from Freesat for free

Freesat High Definition Recorder Package includes:

  • Supply and Installation of satellite dish
  • All cabling and fixing
  • Satellite Dish alignment
  • Supply and Installation of officialHumax HDR-1100S Freesat+HD Freetime 500GB Recorder,Pause & rewind live TV
  • Supply and Installation of a TV Aerial for Saorview *
  • Channel programming

*Please note: you must have a Saorview TV, if not we can fit a Saorview box for an extra fee, please call for details

You know what it's like: the phone always rings right in the middle of your favourite programme.

With freesat+ you can pause the action and pick up where you left off. Rewind and record live TV too, so you never have to miss a thing.


Recording with freesat+ is easy. And free.

Find a programme you want to record in the On Screen TV Guide and press the 'record' button on your remote control. There's no need for tapes, timers, or DVDs.

Humax HDR-1100S Freesat+HD Freetime 500GB Recorder

Recording Features

  • Records in HD

If a programme is also in HD, freesat+ will ask if you want to record it in HD or SD

  • Solves a recording clash

Somefreesat+boxes check through the 8 day On Screen TV Guide to find you an alternative time to record if there's a clash.

  • Records a wholeseries at one touch

If the programme is part of a series, freesat+ will ask if you want to record every episode in the series
All at the touch of a button

  • Organise your recordings into folders

Some freesat+ boxes help you organise your recordings, automatically storing them in folders. This is ideal when you've got so much recording space to play with.

Freesat channels available on this package:

Icon Download a PDF of all the Freesat channels (84.8 KB)

Currently, over 200 free Digital satellite channels available.

Please note: you must have a Saorview TV if you adding the supply and installation of the TV Aerial for Saorview.

If not we can fit a Saorview box for an extra fee. Please call for details.

Icon Download Humax HDR 1100s manual (5.5 MB)

Please click here to see the realtime Freesat TV Guide