2 Way Splitter (Saorsat)

2 Way Splitter (Saorsat)

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Saorsat 2 Way Splitter

Brand new complete with 12 months manufacturers warranty

Saorsat 2 Way Splitter Specification

  • Inputs: 1
  • Outputs: 2
  • Connections: F type
  • Range: 5-2500MHz
  • Loss: 4dB
  • Power Passing: Yes (On both sides)
  • Note: You must tune in Saorsat first on each receiver before connecting the splitter into the run

Saorsat 2 Way Splitter Contents

  • Two Way Splitter


  • Effective method of splitting signal with little signal loss
  • Cheaper than buying an additonal KA Band LNB & dish
  • They are relatively easy to install


  • Not really suitable as a TV Aerial splitter
  • There is always some low level of signal loss
  • Saorsat alignment can be difficult