32GB USB Drive

32GB USB Drive

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32GUSB Drive

Brand new complete with 12 month manufacturers warranty

32G USB DriveFeatures

  • Usedfor quickand simple programming of satellite receivers
  • Channel listing data
  • Complete software downloads
  • Used to allow on-site programming of satellite receivers
  • For backing upandeasy transport and transfer of information from PCs
  • Recording TV programmes from a satellite receiver (better to use external hard drive)
  • Pause Live TV on a satellite receiver (better to use external hard drive)
  • Store and Play films/ music/pictures directly from the 32GB USB drive


  • Very fast means of programming a box
  • USB programming takes 10 seconds
  • RS232 cable takes at least 4 minutes
  • Manual programming takes 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Unlike with RS232 cable you do not need a master box
  • Unlike with Manual programming you do not need a satellite dish
  • Large storage capacity means you can easily store up to 45 standard definition films on it


  • USB drives can be hit and miss with certain PVR ready receivers and may work on one type and may not on another. If you are buying a USB drive for recording purposes, you should consider the fact that you are ALWAYS better to useExternal Hard Drivesfor recording purposes with your receiver unit as you will be able to record more