8mm Coach Bolt & Plug (100s)

8mm Coach Bolt & Plug (100s)

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8mm Coach Bolt & Plug (100s)

  • Come in bags of 100 plugs and 100 bolts


  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Grey
  • Dimension: M10 X 50mm Long
  • Hole size: Drill Bit 10mm

Coach Bolt:

  • Hexagonal Coach Requires 13mm Spanner
  • Dimension: M8 X 50mm Long
  • Material: Bright Zinc Plated

8mm Coach Bolt & Plug (100s) Features

Ideal anchor bolts for mounting:

  • Sky satellite dish or an 80cm dish
  • Bracket for mounting a UHF aerial
  • 12" TK Bracket carrying a light load


  • Lowest cost option and very much the industry standard
  • Securely mounts bracket