Basic Satellite Meter

Basic Satellite Meter

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Handy basic dish alignment meter. Robust and Easy to use. Find the strongest signal in remote locations.


DIY Satellite Finder

  • DIY Satellite Finder
  • Satellite meter with display and variable db control
  • Colour: Black
  • Inputs:
  1. Satellite Dish
  2. Satellite Receiver In

PROCEDURE for Using the DIY Satellite Finder

  • Connect the meter lead from the Satellite LNB to the "To LNB" Connection on the satellite finder
  • Connect the satellite cable coming from the satellite receiver the "To Rec" input on the satellite finder
  • Make sure your satellite receiver is on. The satellite Meter LED should be on (powered by the satellite receiver) and give a reading of around 2.
  • Set the satellite dish to roughly the correct angle and direction e.g. Astra 2 satellite is found at 21 degrees elevation and 141 degrees on the compass (slight variation depending on what part of Ireland you are in).
  • Set the satellite finder's scale to reading to about 5 by adjusting the control level found on the face of the satellite dish (clockwise turning with increase the reading)
  • Peak the signal by slowly turning the elevation and direction of the dish. If the satellite meter reading tops the scale reduce the reading to 5 (by adjusting the level control) and continue to adjust until peak position is found.
  • Verify on the satellite receiver that you have tuned the satellite dish to the correct satellite by switching to / tuning in a channel e.g. BBC 1 on the Astra 2 satellite.
  • Remove the meter lead and satellite finder and connect the LNB to the satellite cable coming from your dish.