Global Stacker De-Stacker (DiSEqC enabled)

Global Stacker De-Stacker (DiSEqC enabled)

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The Global Invacom Stacker De-Stacker is designed to allow 2 LNB feeds to connect to 2 tuners, or Set-top boxes, via a single coaxial feed.

The Stacker De-Stacker is suitable for both 'Direct to Home' (DTH) and 'Multi-Dwelling Unit' (MDU) applications; now with DiSEqC loop through to LNB/Multiswitch (can be used in non-DiSEqC installation).

The Stacker De-Stacker is designed for use with cable runs of up to a maximum of 30 metres; or 60 metres with the optional SDS Line Amplifier (can be selected as an option above).

Global Stacker De-Stacker (DiSEqC enabled) Features:

- 2 LNB inputs into one cable
- Both LNB inputs independently selectable
- Standard 30 metre coverage or 60 metres with the optional SDS Line Amplifier (can be selected as an option above)
- Glitch free operation

Global Stacker De-Stacker (DiSEqC enabled) Specification:

- RF I/P SAT: 950 – 2150MHz
- RF I/P SATTV: 15 – 2150MHz
- COM (Common Output) Port: 15-3700MHz
- Min RF I/P Signal Level's: -41dBm (+68dBμV) *30m, -39dBm (+70dBμV) with *60m and line amplifier installed in the common cable
- MAX RF I/P Signal Level's: -14dBm (+95dBμV) total power
- Noise Figure: 18dB
- Return Loss: 10dB min at SAT, SATTV and COM
- Isolation Port to Port: 40dB min
- Output DC power for LNB (multi-switch): 400mA Max
- Power Consumption: 100mA

- RF O/P SAT: 949-2149MHz
- RF O/P SATTV: 15-2150MHz
- COM (Common Output) Port: 15-3700MHz
- Noise Figure: 19dB
- Return Loss: 10dB min at port A, B and COM for specified frequency ranges
- Isolation Port to Port: 40dB min
- Power Supply: External +20V/1.2A Switch Mode Power Supply
- Power Consumption: 100mA
- Communication Protocols Accepted: Voltage, Tone, DiSEqC 1.2

SDS Line Amplifier
- Frequency Range: 2.5MHz – 860MHz & 950MHz - 3700MHz
- Insertion Gain: Terrestrial: -6 dB min Satellite: 950MHz -1dB ± 1 dB, 2150MHz +5dB ± 1dB, 2500MHz +6dB ± 1dB, 3700MHz +9dB ± 1 dB
- Noise Figure: Satellite: 950MHz 6dB max, 2150MHz 5dB max, 2500MHz 4.5dB max, 3700MHz 4.3dB max
- Supply Voltage: 10.5V to 21V
- Current Passed: Max 650mA including

SDS Line Amplifier Information (optional product add-on)

The SDS has been designed to allow two satellite signals to be fed down one coaxial cable before being returned to its original configuration to feed two STB’s or a twin tuner satellite STB. Signals can be supplied by either a universal multi-port LNB or more typically from a multiswitch. By allowing DiSEqC commands to pass through the “Stacker” it is possible to connect the unit to a DiSEqC multiswitch for operation on a 9 wire system.

Whilst the DiSEqC SDS can be used in DiSEqC applications, it can also be used in situations where DiSEqC is not present.

The SDS can be used for coaxial cable lengths up to 30 metres, however from 30 to 60 metres the SDS Line Amplifier must be fitted. Reliable operation is determined by the position of the amplifier, quality of coaxial cable fitted and signal strength from LNB or multiswitch.