Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+HD Freetime Remote Control (RM-I08UM)

Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+HD Freetime Remote Control (RM-I08UM)

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This genuine freesat remote control is for use with the Humax Freesat+HD HDR-1000S Receiver. Ideal if you need to replace the original unit or for use in another room. The remote is an official unit, in gloss black and light-weight; fully compatible with the Humax HDR-1000S Freesat+HD Digital Box.

What's the difference between version 1 and version 2? Version 1 was the original remote sold with the HDR-1000S (until late 2014) and didn't include the programmable option to control your televisions on/off and volume. Version 2 (this one) allows this function via programmable code for most makes/models of television. The version 1 remote has a mute and tv/av button at the top; the version 2 remote has a stb and tv button at the top. Some other buttons are in different locations but function the same. This remote offers more functionality and is the one to have.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
Model Number: RM-I08UM (replaces the RM-I08U)

Works with: HDR-1000S (all), HB-1000S, HDR-1100S (black)