LoftBox® Expander

LoftBox® Expander

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The loftbox expander is used to allow a signal from a Satellite dish to be placed on the same cable as a Terrestrial signal.

Normally used in conjunction with the Loftbox.

Installation Diagram Guide:Click Here

  • Fully compatible with the tvLINK® system.
  • Allows connection of Sky+ and Sky HD to an existing LoftBox® system.
  • No further cable runs required.

The LoftBox® Expander has been designed to allow two LNB outputs to be connected to an existing LoftBox® distribution system.

It is ideally suited for when a SKY+ receiver is being installed. The Sky+ requires two feeds from the LNB (dish), so where there are no spare cables available to take the extra feed, the LoftBox® Expander combines the two feeds onto one cable.

The unit operates by adding the additional dish signal onto the returning UHF feed between the RFout2 port of the Sky set-top box and the UHF2 port of the LoftBox®. A Diplex plate WILL be required in the living room in order to successfully extract the second dish signal ready for connecting into the satellite set-top box (see system diagram).