Proception ProLINK 22 Modulator with IR Control

Proception ProLINK 22 Modulator with IR Control

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Flexible Output RF, restoringtraditional Sky distribution

Distributing the analogue RF output of a Sky box from the main TV location to other rooms

remains a popular solution for aerial installers. The new PROception proLINK22 modulator and

remote control unit allows unrivalled flexibility for this application.

Key features

* Replaces the 'missing' RF outputs on newer Sky receivers.

* High-quality UHF modulator with infrared return remote control capability on both of its twin RF outputs.

* Simple channel setting using Sky box menu.

* Two remote rooms can be wired directly from the proLINK (expandable to three using a splitter)*

* Connect optional power unit (proPSA123 or proPSA125) to power 4-way system using proMHD14R or

proAMP104X amplifier. 10-way system also possible using proAMP310X.

* 2-colour power-status indicator.

* Wall mountable with extended lead.

Technical data proLINK22

Interface :- Sky I/O port via 0.5 m flying lead

Modulator :- UK System I, channels 21–60

RF connections:- 1-in, 2-out, both outputs IR-eye-enabled

IR 'eye' current available:- 10 mA max per output (total 15 mA max.) s/c protected

System current with external PSU:- 75 mA max. at RF-OUT2

* This requires the use of PROception proSAT1EYE IR eyes and assumes that the local TV is connected by Scart or

HDMI and does not require an RF antenna connection.