Saorsat Satellite Dish Kit

Saorsat Satellite Dish Kit

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Saorsat Satellite Dish Kit

Brand new complete with 12 months manufacturers warranty

Saorsat Satellite Dish Kit Features

SAORSAT is the name given to the infill free-to-air satellite television service put in place by RTÉNL to deliver Irish television services to the 1% to 2% of homes that are not covered by the SAORVIEW Digital Terrestrial Television service.

The RTÉ services on SAORSAT areexactly the same as those on SAORVIEW. The full list of TV channels is: RTÉ One, RTÉ Two HD,TG4, RTÉ News Now, RTÉjr, and RTÉ One+1.

However, please note that SAORSAT doesn't currently carry TV3 or 3e.(last updated 18/08/2012)

You will need to install a 80cm universal satellite dish with a KA Band LNB connect to a HD satellite box toreceive Saorsat from the Eutelsat satellite @ 9 Degrees East.

Saorsat Receiver & Dish Kit Contents

  • Twin KA Band LNB
  • 80cm Satellite Dish & Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Satellite Dish Installation Kit


  • Allows you receive the Irish channels for free on satellite
  • No need for a TV Aerial or subscription, satellite dish is required instead
  • Saorsat offers near 100% coverage while saorview can reach no more than 95%of homes
  • No need for multi feed LNBs with Saorsat (Saorsat signal can be split) Note: you will receive a Dual LNB version.


  • The range of channels on Saorsat is limited toRTÉ One, RTÉ Two HD,TG4, RTÉ News Now, RTÉjr, and RTÉ One+1
  • Cannot receive Sky / Freesat with the KA-Band LNB that Saorsat uses