SelfSat H50D4 Flat Panel Satellite Dish (Quad Output)

SelfSat H50D4 Flat Panel Satellite Dish (Quad Output)

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Selfsat Flat Satellite Dish (Quad Output) H50D4 The new flat Selfsat H50D4 satellite antenna with integrated Quad LNB has the same reception characteristics as a conventional 80 cm satellite dish.

Due to the larger reception area and the resulting better reception features, the H50 series following unique features compared to the H21D and H30D series.

Outstanding reception values Better bad weather reserves Larger number of orbital positions receivable More compact than conventional 80 cm satellite dish Received power with a 80cm satellite dish comparable Contain pole and wall mounting material included Lightweight and unobtrusive installation

Suitable for 4 tuners, receiver or eg TV equipment 4 port Flat and inconspicuous housing Can be installed anywhere Relatively small dimensions Dual Linear Polarization (Vertical & Horizontal)