Triax 4 Way LNB Holder

Triax 4 Way LNB Holder

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Hard Durable Plastic & Aluminium

LNB Holders: 3

Diameter of LNB Holder: 40mm

Compatibility: For Triax TD Series, Technomate, Inverto Satellite Dishes

  • Triax TD 78 88 110
  • Inverto Black Pro
  • Amiko S80 S100
  • Technomate S80 S97
  • Sab S Series

Other S60 S65 S80 S97 S100 Dishes


  • Allows3 LNBs, each picking up signal from a different satellite, to be mounted on a single satellite dishe.g.
  • Could be used with an 110cm satellite dish to receiver signal from Astra1 & Astra2 & Hotbird
  • It can be used on any universal satellite dish arm with a Triax design, such as listed above
  • Normally used in conjunction with a 4x1 Diseqc Switch which combines the feed from the3 LNBs into a single cable