2 TV Satellite & Terrestrial Combiner (Indoor)

2 TV Satellite & Terrestrial Combiner (Indoor)

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Satellite & Terrestrial Combiner (2 TV's)

This unit can carry 2 satellite signals, for example when using a twin LNB to feed 2 satellite receivers and a digital aerial, you can run 2 cables through this combiner, one into each room and then use a smaller combiner at each receiver to split the satellite & terrestrial signal into the receiver again.

This saves the hassle of using a lot of single combiners.


3in/2out TERR and SAT double combiner designed for adding terrestrial signals to both outputs of Twin LNB (Monoblock Twin LNB).
Satellite inputs transmit DC voltage, 22 kHz and DiSEqC commands from respective outputs.


Brief specification:

Parameter Condition Value
Frequency range Sat. inputs 950-2300 MHz
Terr. input 5-862 MHz
Insertion loss Terr. input - terr. output 4 dB avg
Terr. input - common output 10 dB avg
Sat. input - common output 2 dB avg
Isolation between sat. inputs 30 dB min
Dimensions (w,d,h)   7.2 x 6.9 x 2.8 cm
Temperature range   -30 ~ +70 °C