Sky / Freesat Satellite Dish (No LNB) - EL

Sky / Freesat Satellite Dish (No LNB) - (Zone 2- 60cm)

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Sky / Freesat Satellite Dish (No LNB) Popular Electronic Link (EL) Sky satellite dish - Limited stock left! Sky / Freesat Satellite Dish, the most commonly used satellite dish in Ireland for the receiption of Astra 28.2E.


Can be used for Sky, Freesat or Free To Air Satellite Installations. Complete Zone 2 Satellite Dish Wall Bracket Wall Tube Satellite Dish Elevation bracket Satellite Dish Bracket Satellite Dish Fixing Kit Feed Arm

NO LNB INCLUDED Colour: Grey Perforated surface (allows wind to pass through) Size: 60cm Satellite Dish LNB Range:  Single, Quad and Octo LNBs will fit this dish Version #: Mark 4 (snap on)

 70cm wide and 60cm high (Zone 2)

Note: Does not include LNB - You have to buy one seperately  Does not include fixings for the wall (Please select them from the drop down if required)